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Nature Spell

Eucalyptus Oil For Hair & Skin - 150ml

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  • With many healing qualities, eucalyptus oil can provide much-needed relief to the hair and body. It has antifungal and antimicrobial properties that make it a very versatile skincare ingredient.

    Eucalyptus Oil for Hair

    Eucalyptus oil makes a powerful lice treatment, leaving your hair feeling silky-soft and clean. It improves hair health and stimulates hair follicles therefore promoting hair growth. It also helps to fight dandruff. Unlike essential oils, this oil is already diluted so it is safe to apply it directly to the skin.

    Eucalyptus Oil for Skin

    On the body, eucalyptus can gently soothe inflammation and protect wounds on the skin from infection. The analgesic qualities of eucalyptus also make it a very effective rub for sore and aching muscles.


    Not Tested On Animals

    Suitable For Vegan