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Supernova Depil by Helia-D

Hot Wax Premium

  • This amazing, rosin free, scientifically formulated, elasticated wax is easily applied to all areas of the body. It dries quickly, without breaking or cracking on removal. Excellent hair removal. It is advised to use on all skin types, especially on sensitive skin. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky without any sticky residue. Create your style of wax with the Colour & Glitter cube three-pack selection.

    This product is for cosmetic professionals. Therefore, when ordering, you are confirming that you are a professional waxer.

    Hot Wax Premium is a unique multidirectional, thinly applied wax made with both synthetic resin and beeswax and is best used for sensitive and allergic skin types.

    Synthetic resin, Flexible with strong hair removal, Quick&Easy, Multidirectional with fewer applications, Create your style of wax