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Supernova Depil by Helia-D

Film Wax Premium Starter Kit

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  • Wax Starter kit with Film Wax Premium and selected colour cubes.


    Prep & Cleanse -250ml

    Blue Ice After Wax Gel - 250ml

    Soothing Protection Cream - 250ml

    Film wax Premium (8 x 125 ml) - 1000ml

    Fusion Strip Wax 800ml - Orange - 800ml

    Wax Strip Pre-cuts - 100 pcs

    Wooden Face Spatula - 100 pcs

    Wooden Body Spatula - 100 pcs

    Wax Tin - Empty - 800ml

    Wax Collars - 20 pcs


    Colour & Glitter Effects

    Colour Cube – Neon Orange

    Colour Cube - Green

    Colour Cube – Neon Yellow

    Glitter Cube – Gold

    Branded Paper Bag