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Nature Spell

Ginger Oil For Hair & Skin - 150ml

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  • This ginger oil for hair and skin is a stunning 2-in-1 all natural treatment.

    Ginger oil is a member of the turmeric family, that can be massaged onto the body to provide powerful pain relief and ease aching muscles. Its anti-inflammatory qualities also make it effective in combating arthritis and rheumatic conditions as well as migraines and headaches. Ginger is very mineral-dense which can calm irritated skin and leave it looking silky smooth.

    Ginger Oil for Hair

    Used on the hair, ginger can banish dandruff gently and naturally whilst turning your bath routine into a refreshing and aromatic experience. Diluted essential ginger oil soothes dryness and itchiness. It maintains general health of your scalp and helps healthier hair growth.

    Ginger Oil for Skin

    Most inflammations respond well to ginger oil treatments, however it is most often used to treat arthritis, joint pain and skin disorders such as eczema or psoriasis.


    Not Tested On Animals

    Suitable For Vegan

    Doesn't contain mineral oils or parabens