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Nature Spell

Neem & Castor Oil For Hair & Body - 150ml

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  • Used in natural skincare for thousands of years, neem oil and castor are loaded in nutrients and antioxidants to protect the skin and hair from environmental damage.

    Restoring elasticity and a youthful glow by preventing moisture loss, the two oils combine to rid the skin of acne-causing bacteria.

    Neem Oil for Hair

    For the hair, the combination is ideal for preventing excess water from being absorbed by the hair, thereby optimising hair health.

    Neem oil is rich vitamin E and antioxidants that help skin cells regenerate. This promotes healthier scalp, therefore minimising dandruff appearance and resulting in healthier hair.

    Neem Oil and Castor Oil for Hair Growth

    Castor oil is popular hair growth and strengthening ingredient used in many products. Combined with neem oil it produces even better results.


    Not Tested On Animals

    Suitable For Vegan