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How to increase the effect of cosmetics?

Daily skin care is an essential part of your day plan! Thanks to it, you will take care of the condition of the skin, eliminate possible imperfections and skin problems and keep a youthful, radiant appearance for longer. You must know that with a little effort you can make the cosmetics you use work even better! Get the most out of your care by following these tips! 


1. Cleanse your skin properly

Properly cleansed skin absorbs cosmetics better and assimilates the active ingredients contained in them, so be sure to remember this stage to enhance the effectiveness of your favorite creams or serums. Make a thorough make-up removal with a product suited to your skin type. Make sure to thoroughly remove makeup and impurities that accumulate on the skin during the day. You can also use a peeling to remove any dead skin cells.


2. Apply carefully

The application of the cream is nothing complicated. However, when done carefully, it can maximize the effects of the cosmetic and affect a younger-looking complexion. So how do you apply the cream correctly? Use your fingertips! Start the massage from the inside and work your way to the outside. Thanks to this, you will stimulate lymph circulation and prevent wrinkles.

You can also incorporate facial yoga into your skincare routine to keep your skin looking young! It's nothing hard.

2020-05-27-apply carefully

3. Don't overdo the quantity

Are you irritated by fast-ending cosmetics? By focusing on a careful, thoughtful application, you will not only save the product, but also give it a chance to make it work better! In this case, more is not better. Thick layers of cream will not make it more effective in influencing the appearance of your skin. All you need to do is apply a few drops of the serum to well-cleansed skin, and then the target cream - in a reasonable amount. Thanks to this, you will definitely strengthen the effect of the product.

2020-05-27-do not overdo it

4. Take advantage of cosmetic innovations!

Are you wondering how to boost the effect of your favorite cosmetics? Just mix a few drops of Beauty Booster with your favorite cream! 

Beauty Booster is a line of innovative products designed on the basis of precious active ingredients, which, when added to your favorite face cream, will maximize its effect. You can choose from three different booster options:

  • antioxidant and smoothing YOUTH PROTECTOR with coenzyme Q10
  • reducing the visibility of wrinkles SUPER FILLER with a colleague
  • illuminating QUICK C-BRIGHTER with vitamin C.

5. Keep in the correct order

The order of care is very important. Thanks to its observance, you will be able to enjoy better results. What should you do first and what should you do last?

I. SKIN CLEANSING - first, thoroughly clean the skin of make-up and other impurities. Do it with an essential oil, make-up remover or micellar lotion.


II. TONING - the use of a tonic is a very important stage in care. Thanks to it, you balance the pH of your skin and prepare it to accept other active ingredients from the cream and serum. Thanks to the tonic in the mist, you will feel incredible lightness! In addition, you can use it whenever you need a bit of refreshment, e.g. on hot summer days.


III. SERUM - is a concentrated preparation characterized by a higher concentration of active ingredients than a cream. Apply them to damp skin right after toning. Tip - do not wait for the serum to be absorbed, proceed to the next stage immediately :)


IV. CREAM - choose the one that best suits your needs. In order to choose the perfect product, you can use our menu at in the "face care" tab.


V. EYE CREAM - when the cosmetics are absorbed, apply the eye cream. Depending on your needs, you can choose to moisturize, strengthen, nourish or reduce discoloration. Eye cream should be applied with a special technique!

  1. Start with the outside of the face.
  2. With quick movements of your fingertips, pat the cream under your eyes.
  3. Run your fingers along the nose in a circle below the browline.
  4. Repeat until the cream is absorbed! :)
2020-05-11-moisturizing creams

As you can see, the effects of cosmetics can be enhanced by using a few simple tricks! Correct application and following the correct sequence will definitely pay off. Your skin will be healthy and nourished. 

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