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Tips for Hair Removal


Hair removal procedure for oil-soluble soft resin

  1. Heat the resin in the heater to 39-40 ° C degrees.
  2. Treat the area to be depilated with a prewax lotion.
  3. Hold the cartridge on the inside of the resin device and roll the preheated cartridge with resin over the hair removal strip.Make sure the resin is warm enough.
  4. Apply the resin to the hair removal area in the direction of hair growth.
  5. Apply the strip and make sure that the end of the strip is in an area without resin.
  6. Presses the strip firmly on the skin.
  7. Grab the free end of the strip and remove the strip with a quick movement in the direction opposite to hair growth and parallel to the skin.
  8. Repeat the procedure in the following area. Do not use the resin in the same area more than twice.
  9. At the end of the procedure remove any wax residues or stickiness with an afterwax lotion.

The most common mistakes when waxing with warm resin

  1. Incorrect application (against the direction of hair growth) and incorrect removal (in the direction of hair growth), so that the hairs are not removed.
  2. Removing the strip perpendicular to the skin can result in bruising.
  3. Applying resin several times to the same area can damage the epidermis.

Hair removal procedure for Film Wax

  1. Heat the wax to 40-42 ° C degrees.
  2. Treat the area to be depilated with an alcohol-containing lotion to degrease the skin and remove any residues of cosmetic products.
  3. Apply a small amount of talc.
  4. Apply a thin layer of wax with a spatula, regardless of the direction of hair growth, but towards you. PAY ATTENTION! Do not rush while applying. Press firmly on the spatula and keep applying pressure.
  5. The wax hardens in 4-10 seconds. During this period it will stick to the hair (wax that is ready for removal should not stick to the hand when touched).
  6. Hold the skin tightly in the opposite direction of the tear-off, remove the wax with a quick movement away from you and parallel to the skin.
  7. Repeat the procedure in the following area.
  8. After hair removal is complete, treat the skin with an emollient, cooling, oil-free product from Italwax.

Basic errors while using the Film Wax

  • Wax feels like chewing gum and is difficult to remove.
    Reason: Not enough time has passed for the wax to harden.
    What to do: Apply some talcum powder to the wax, wait 2-3 seconds and remove.

  • A number of hairs remain after removing the wax.
    Reason: the wax was applied superficially, without pressing the spatula firmly onto the skin, so that the hair was not absorbed in the wax layer.What to do: apply the wax to the skin with the remaining hair, press the spatula firmly.

  • The wax does not harden.
    Reason: the layer of the wax used is too thick. What to do: Spread the wax over a larger surface. Apply a thinner layer of wax next time.

  • The edges of the wax application remain on the skin after removal.
    Reason:. Uneven application of wax. What to do: Apply the same thickness in the middle and at the edges.

Most important rules for working with Italwax sugar resin

Pay attention! Hair removal procedure with sugar resin requires special skills!

  1. Sugar resin is always applied against the direction of hair growth and removed in the direction of hair growth, parallel to the skin.
  2. Apply the resin with gentle, gentle movements.
  3. When removing the resins, always act sharply and quickly.
  4. The skin of the treated area must be kept tight before removal of the resin. This helps prevent "sticking" and reduces pain.
  5. After removing the paste, always touch the surface skin with your free hand, this neutralizes and spreads the pain.
  6. The same area no more than three times to prevent skin damage.
  7. Do not treat areas with visible skin irritation or damage.

The most common mistake made by inexperienced cosmetologists when working with sugar resin is "sticking" of sugar resin.

Ways to correct this error:

  • Option 1: Hold the skin tight where it sticks and remove the resin with a quick movement.
  • Option 2 : Apply extra amount of talc at the site where it sticks, spread the resin that adheres to the treated area with talc, and remove the paste with a quick movement.
  • Option 3: Place a new piece of resin where it sticks, spread it over the old resin and remove with a quick movement.
  • Option 4: Apply bandage where it sticks, press firmly and remove the dressing together with the resin.
  • Option 5: Treat the glued resin with a wet napkin or wash under running water. Hair removal can be resumed when the skin is completely dry.
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