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Cameleo by Delia Cosmetics

Hair Colouring Toner / Rinse

  • Delia Cameleo Hair rinse gives the hair a delicate (or slightly stronger - you decide!) shade, eliminates the unwanted yellow shade on blonde hair. In addition, it cares for the hair and gently brightens. Perfect for a hot summer and to add a cold winter colour, designed for repeated use after washing your hair.

    Results:Coloured, shiny hair, beautiful hair gloss, no yellow toners, nourished and healthy hair look, subtle brightening. Colour gradually washable.

    Washable colour dedicated to blonde hair: natural, dyed, lightened and grey, leaves a delicate illumination on the hair, providing additional care.

    You have 3 variants to choose from:

    Silver Hair Toner

    will make your strands receive platinum reflections. The silver rinse has been enriched with soothing jasmine water, which will take care of the condition of the scalp and regenerate silver strands.

    Violet Hair Toner

    will take care of the cool shade of your hair, eliminating unwanted yellow shade. The purple rinse has been enriched with lavender water that protects the hair colour. Thanks to it, the shade will delight with its depth, and you can stop worrying about fading.

    Pink Hair Toner

    gives your hair a beautiful pink shine. The pink rinse has been enriched with moisturizing rose water, which will give your hair a healthy look and a rosy glow!