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Cameleo by Delia Cosmetics

Keratin Colour Care for Coloured Hair

  • Shampoo

    • Shampoo for coloured and bleached hair - no salt
    • No artificial colours
    • Gently cleanses the hair without damaging its natural protective barrier
    • The innovative formula of the shampoo provides gentle cleansing of the hair and exceptional gentleness for the sensitive scalp
    • Thanks to the biomimetic keratin Kerestore 2.0 ™, the shampoo helps regenerate damaged hair, penetrates directly into the most damaged areas and comprehensively rebuilds their structure
    • Thorough cleanses
    • Limits the washout of hair colour
    • Intensively moisturizes
    • It protects the hair from UV radiation
    • It gives the hair a silky softness and smoothness


    Comprehensive action:

    • Delays colour washout.
    • Gives shine.
    • Leaves hair soft to the touch.
    • It smoothes the hair without weighing it down.
    • Protects against high temperature.
    • Makes hair easier to detangle.

    Thanks to the combination of natural ingredients and modern technology, Cameleo BB is an immediate rescue for bleached and coloured hair.

    Kerestore 2.0 TM - is intelligent and effective hair regeneration using biomimetic keratin. As a result, you will have restored, extremely soft hair with a long-lasting and intense colour.

    0% SALT



    • Professional quality
    • An innovation based on Kerestore TM 2.0 - biomimetic keratin
    • The combination of natural ingredients and modern technologies
    • A specialized complex of active ingredients acts as a conditioner that protects hair colour
    • Intensively regenerates
    • Perfectly cares
    • Gives shine and shine
    • It protects the hair from high temperature and UV radiation
    • It improves the elasticity, elasticity and softness of the hair
    • Facilitates modelling and styling
    • Contains marula oil and conditioning Softill
    • For rinsing
    Liquid Keratin
    • Long-lasting colour protection.
    • Thermal protection during styling.
    • Detangling made easy.
    • Flexible and soft hair, easier to style.
    • Intense shine of healthy and beautiful hair.
    • 0% artificial colours.
    • Innovative formula enriched with nourishing active ingredients:

    Marula oil - restores optimal hair hydration, intensively regenerates and rebuilds its structure.

    Kerestore ™ 2.0 - intelligent biomimetic keratin, locates and rebuilds damage on the hair surface.

    CAMELEO BB is an intensive hair treatment combining advanced formulas, innovative technology and natural ingredients.


    • Formula enriched with marula oil.
    • It merges the ends, improves the appearance of the hair along its entire length.
    • It protects hair against progressive damage and breakage.
    • It does not burden.
    • Does not form a sticky coating on the surface of the hair.
    • Intensive, leave-in care for wet, damp and dry hair.
    • Additional thermal protection during everyday hair styling.

    Marula oil - regenerates the hair structure, creates an occlusive film on its surface that protects the cuticles against breaking and progressive damage.

    Nourishment and protection for coloured hair! Maintain a healthy look and beautiful colour of your hair together with the repair serum for coloured hair CAMELEO.