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Delia Cosmetics

Nail Conditioner

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  • Vitamin

    • Provides beautiful and nourished nails.
    • It eliminates the problem of delicate and brittle nails.
    • Nourishes, moisturises and regenerates.

    It contains valuable active ingredients:

    • VITAMIN E - moisturizes, rejuvenates and increases the elasticity of the plate.
    • VITAMIN C - whitens, regenerates and normalizes.
    • HYDROLIZED COLLAGEN PROTEINS - protect and rebuild nails.


    • Regenerates damaged and weakened nail plate.
    • Rebuilds nails after hybrids.
    • It contains a complex of 10 valuable active ingredients:
    • HYDROLYZED SOYA, WHEAT AND CORN PROTEINS - strongly nourish and provide a protective film.
    • CALCIUM PROTEINS - moisturize and rebuild.
    • METIONIN - strengthens a weakened plate.
    • FUCUS ALGAE OIL - rejuvenates and revitalizes.
    • VITAMINS C, E, F - protect, moisturize and improve elasticity.
    • MINERAL COMPLEX - strengthens and normalizes the nail plate.


    • It eliminates the problem of weak, cracking and brittle nails.
    • Hardens, moisturizes and makes the nail plate more flexible.
    • Provides a beautiful and healthy look.
    • Increases the nail resistance to cracking, breaking, splitting and impact.
    • It contains valuable active ingredients:
    • SILICONE - hardens and stimulates nail reconstruction.
    • SILK PROTEINS - cover the nail plate with a soothing protective film.
    • ACRYLIC POLYMERS + METHIONIN - accelerate nail growth, prevent drying, harden and increase resistance.


    • Nourishes damaged, brittle and discoloured nails.
    • Expressly rebuilds the nail plate.
    • Moisturizes and strengthens nails, protecting them from mechanical damage.
    • Fills in micro-losses and whitens even strong discolorations making the nails smooth and bright.
    • Contains valuable active ingredients:
    • CALCIUM - hardens, rebuilds and smooths damaged nails.
    • CERAMIDES - speed up the growth of nails and strengthen them, preventing from cracking and splitting.
    • Vitamins A, E and F - nourish and prevent keratinization of cuticles around the nails.