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Premium Double Edge Razor Blades

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  • Derby Premium double edge blades for the safety razor or shavette. These interchangeable razor blades are made from refined and intensively processed Swedish carbon steel. These blades fit all common safety razors and when broken in half make a perfect single edge blade for the shavette or barber knife.

    The razor blades are especially suitable for sensitive to normal skin and light to heavy beard growth. These blades are forgiving and by nature suitable for the less experienced safety razor user and people with a sensitive skin.

    Derby double edge blades are manufactured in Turkey. The razor blades are produced from Swedish steel with a high carbon content. Within strict quality standards, the blades are coated with platinum, chrome, polymer, tungsten and ceramic. The improved platinum coating and increased sharpness provide a comfortable shaving experience for many shaves.


    100 blades - The package contains 20 dispensers with 5 individual double edge blades each individually wrapped.