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JOB: Picker & Packer

Start Date: Immediate

Pay: £10 / Per Hour

Employment Status: Permanent

Location: London (Harrow)

Hours: Part Time (Up to 20 hours)

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JOB: Sales Representative

Start Date: Immediate

Pay: Negotiable Salary + Commission

Employment Status: Permanent

Location: Flexible

Hours: Flexible

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We believe in being transparent with everything that we do. If you hear back from us, we will discuss salary requirements and expectations from the start so that we aren't wasting your time or ours. We will tell you about our company, and we aren't employing rocket scientists, so we don't expect you to have 17 degrees and a masters in this either. If we believe you are a good fit, regardless of experience, we always want to give people of all backgrounds a chance. We also understand the world moves on and so do employees, so we never look down on those that decide to move on with their careers. We will do our best to retain you and grow you within the business. Your success will always reflect on us so we all benefit.

Our minimum requirements for any job is that you are literate in English and understand what the job entails. We will teach you the rest ;)

Good luck from the team at Beauty Kosmetika!