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Cameleo by Delia Cosmetics

Silver Anti-Yellow Effect - For Blonde Beached & Grey Hair

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  • Silver Shampoo

    A brightening shampoo for everyday use
    For blond, grey, bleached, or od dyed blond hair
    Reduces the effect of yellowish shades
    Delicate and refreshing care
    Leaves the hair soft, shiny and supple

    Silver Conditioner

    A brightening, intensely nourishing conditioner
    For everyday use
    Eliminates unwanted yellow tones in blond hair
    Emphasises platinum shades
    Deeply nourishes and regenerates the hair
    Smooths the hair without weighing it down
    For best effects use it together with Cameleo Silver Shampoo

    Silver Hair Mask

    effectively neutralises unwanted yellow tones and enhances platinum highlights
    intensely regenerates and nourishes the hair, retaining its natural sheen
    hydrates, smooths & softens

    Silky Express Serum

    Strengthens, unifies split and dry hair ends.
    Prevents tangles.
    Regenerates hair and protects them from heat damage.
    Contains precious white poppy seed oil.