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Cameleo by Delia Cosmetics

Colouring Shampoo Sachet - 40ml

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  • Coloring shampoos are an "enhancer" of hair color and work well in various situations.

    • Sometimes the color fades between dyes, especially with shades of red, you can refresh it quickly.
    • When you decide that the shade after dyeing is not what you expected, you can slightly change it.
    • If you don't want to stick with color for long, it's perfect then.
    • The best solution when you start your adventure with coloring.
    • When you want to deepen your natural color, give your hair shine and vitality, you will not be disappointed.
    • You expect a color change - you will get a very visible effect with blonde hair, and a slight change in shade with dark hair.
    • You have "way out" and little time to dye, reach for the "shampoo" with your favorite color.
    • Great when you want to check the color - the many shades in the Cameleo Color Shampoos match the colors in the Omega + Permanent Color.

    Cameleo shampoos:

    • They restore a fresh shade and shine to your own.
    • They are suitable for short-term coloration of the so-called "tons on tons".
    • They are suitable as a permanent paint color freshener between dyes.
    • They are washable from 4 to 6 washes.
    • They contain moisturizing Hydro Complex.
    • 0% ammonia and oxidants,
    • Gentle on the scalp.
    • Easy to apply - to be applied directly from the sachet.