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Powder Eyebrow Tint

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  • An absolute novelty!

    Get perfect eyebrows for up to 4 weeks as well as additional nourishment and hair strengthening with powder henna!

    Powder henna for colouring eyebrows available in two colours - black and brown.

    Contains natural herbs imported directly from India - I choke and basma, thanks to which eyebrows are nourished and strengthened.

    Product to be mixed with water - does not require the use of an activator or hydrogen peroxide.

    The cosmetic is suitable for every woman over 16 years of age, for all types and shapes of eyebrows.

    The cosmetic tested under the supervision of a dermatologist and ophthalmologist.

    The set with henna includes all the accessories necessary for the treatment - an application brush, a measuring cup for mixing henna with water, a jar for storing henna and a measuring spoon.

    Benefits for you!

    2-in-1 cosmetic - gives eyebrows a natural colour and a dream shape, additionally taking care of their condition.

    Thanks to the use of henna, the eyebrows become perfectly underlined, darkened and optically thickened.

    Provides natural shade on the hair.

    Thanks to two colour variants to choose from, you can match the cosmetic to your beauty and personalise the colour effect.

    The formula of powder henna allows you to graduate the effect - after the first layer of the cosmetic has dried, you can apply additional 1-2 layers to enhance the results, which will guarantee a darker colour.

    Save time - the procedure can be performed on your own, without leaving your home (consult a professional before the procedure).

    Saving money - one package of henna is enough for 20 applications.

    Henna provides a long-lasting effect - up to 4 weeks on the hair and up to 2 weeks on the skin.